Cupcake Cookie Jar & Mug

By on January 3rd, 2008 . Filed under: Kitchen .

Thank you Lemon Tartlet for sending me this adorable photo of these hot cupcake items. She purchased this Cupcake Cookie Jar & Mug from Target! One of the many cupcake items they’ve got right now!!

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6 Responses to Cupcake Cookie Jar & Mug

  1. CB

    How freaking adorable! I saw the mug at Target but it was chipped so I’ll have to check back when they restock. I really want that cookie jar but my Target didn’t have it. :(

  2. Jennyfer

    Now I have to go to Target. I love it!

  3. greeneyedlillies

    I am going back to get those.
    I got some of the other cupcake stuff. (Picture frame, photo holder, kids dishes, etc.)
    How can I share pics?

  4. K8teebug

    I bought these this week! They are so cute!

  5. lemontartlet

    There was a serving plate I really wanted too, but it seems they want you to pay more just because you want more stuff. Hmmmph, silly policy…

  6. Aussiecupcake

    I live in Australia and would love one of these mugs. Can anyone help?

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