The Cupcake Courier

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This baby was one of my very cool cupcake related Christmas gifts. My Cupcake Courier is blue, like the one shown. I cant wait to try it out! I love that it latches at the bottom to keep the lid on. Hopefully, it will keep my sweet little cupcakes safe!

The CUPCAKE COURIER is a rectangular, translucent plastic container that holds three stackable cupcake trays. Each tray has 12 deep cups to hold each cupcake secure. It has a comfortable handle, and 4 bottom latches that hold the base securely.

The CUPCAKE COURIER is able to transport and/or store up to thirty-six cupcakes or muffins all in one easy, great looking container!

The CUPCAKE COURIER‘s 3 trays can be removed, and the unit can double as a cake courier.

The CUPCAKE COURIER is available now in 4 translucent colors. Petal Pink, Lemon Grass, Saffron Yellow, or the original Soft Blue Sky.

Dimensions are:
Cover: 14″W; 11″H; 11″D
Base: 12.5″X16″
Trays: 13.8″L; 10.4″W; 3.2″H
Cups: 1.1″deep; 3″round

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2 Responses to The Cupcake Courier

  1. Jamie

    I got my cupcake courier a few months and I LOVE it. It’s been on many road trips, and I haven’t lost a cupcake yet!

  2. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    I have one & love it, although it can be difficult to remove cupcakes without putting your fingers in the frosting!

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