Lots of Cupcakes at Target!

By on December 30th, 2007 . Filed under: Baby, Clothing, Pets .

Thanks Jamie for the heads up on the adorable cupcake items at Target!! Look at these cutesy cupcake toys for dogs and cats. I can’t find the link to them on the Target website but we’ll take her word for it!

Cupcake Cat Nip Toy:
Cupcake Squeaky Toys (Cupcake Dog Collar from Walmart):

Even your kiddo can love cupcakes too! Toddler Girls’ Circo® Printed Pullover Hoodie – White:
Newborn Girls’ Circo® Short-Sleeve Creeper – Pink Cupcake:

Just in time for Valentines Day! These cupcake cropped pants from Target, are only 12.99! They are lightweight and tagless!

Xhilaration® Valentine Shorts – Yellow Cupcakes. These shorts are only $5.00! I’d order them asap:

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8 Responses to Lots of Cupcakes at Target!

  1. greeneyedlillies aka Kathy

    I got a bag full of Cupcake stuff at Target today! ;)
    I got those cupcake pj pant last week. I love them, and I am wearing them right now!

  2. bitterbabe

    Omg – I cannot believe I found this!! I thought I was the only cupcake fanatic!!!!

  3. Kristen

    oh man, i went there tonight and found all this stuff! spent waaay more than i should have. glad to see someone else has found this treasure :)

  4. Jamie

    yay my dog and cat make great models, don’t you think?! The cupcake dog collar is actually from Walmart, and I believe they still carry them. I spent way too much $ on cupcake stuff at target also. I’m gonna be making a tote bag out of the cupcake dish towel!

  5. CB

    I <3 Target! If I had a dog I'd totally spoil him with cupcake toys! I wonder if my bunnies would like them? teehee...

  6. greeneyedlillies

    My friend bought the hoodie for her daughter, and said it runs small. ;)

  7. Liuan2em Adair

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  8. Glady Kohlmeyer

    Wow came across this page on Yahoo poking around for another topic entirely, and now I’m going to need to go back and go over the rest of your site.

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