Pnut Jewelry Satisfies Our Cupcake Needs.

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Sticking with the last cupcake jewelry post, I’ve decided to show you some amazing cupcake jewelry from Pnut Jewelry. Thanks Natalie for the heads up!

Who is Pnut Jewelry? Rusty Pistachio is a NYC based jewelry designer and creator.

His interest in jewelry making and art brought him to SUNY New Paltz where he completed his Masters in Metals. As a studied and trained sculptor, he combined his love of metal smithing and tattoo art to create PNUT Jewelry.

As a member of the hardcore/punk band H2O for the past 8 years, his music and tattoos bore the inspiration for his line. “Flash is bold and powerful; the impetus for my line.”

This specific necklace (shown on the left) is one necklace that I absolutely adore.

You can also find cupcake rings and more! Check out the site: Pnut Jewelry. Here are a few of the items that I love:

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4 Responses to Pnut Jewelry Satisfies Our Cupcake Needs.

  1. CB

    Love the cupcake ring! Sleek and classic. Hmmm… is my birthday coming up soon? ;)
    – Clara

  2. Natalie

    I wish I could have had a cupcake ring for my wedding band.

  3. NANCY

    That first necklace rocks!!!

  4. Wire Jewelry Making

    Wow, necklace with a cupcake. That’s very sweet. Are those real diamonds?

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