Perfect Endings Holiday Cupcakes

By on December 15th, 2007 . Filed under: Bakeries .

These cupcakes made for Williams-Sonoma by Perfect Endings have become one of Oprah’s favorite things. Perfect Endings Cupcakes can be shipped anywhere in the United States and come in three fabulous flavors: red velvet with white icing, chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and coconut.

From Williams-Sonoma:

Perfect Endings, the renowned Napa Valley bakery, makes these cupcakes for us from scratch, using fresh eggs, real butter and other premium ingredients. And they’re superb. Sam Godfrey, the founder, learned baking as a child from his Southern grandmother, and this set includes three favorites re-created from her original recipes: rich chocolate, frosted with classic chocolate icing and scattered with dark chocolate sprinkles; red velvet, generously swirled with an old-fashioned white icing and sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs; and vanilla, with vanilla icing topped with shredded coconut.

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2 Responses to Perfect Endings Holiday Cupcakes

  1. Ambjer

    I heard from a woman on Flickr that they come frozen, and even though it comes with instructions how to defrost them properly, they were not all that good.
    I mean, I know it is difficult to ship cupcakes, but if they don’t taste that good when you get them, I wouldn’t bother with shipping them out.
    Just my opinion…

  2. Anonymous

    These were the best cupcakes ever…worth every penny!!

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