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By on December 12th, 2007 . Filed under: Jewelry, Toys .

Alright so, I was just going to post about these cutesiest playthings– the Two Bite Cake Playtime Set.

Then I got to looking around on Pukashell Creative Designs’ Etsy site and boy, oh boy, it is a plethora of cupcakey (and other sweet things) goodness.
Case in point: Itty Bitty Cupcake Collector Set.

Really, I just don’t see how a person could say no to something as utterly precious and tiny as these darlings. And furthermore, they ice the cake, persay, with their jewelry. Such as the Triple Chocolate Cupcake Bracelet, it makes my mouth water and my wrist ache (to wear it)!

Don’t take my word for it though, go visit the site, there is too much goodness there to be contained in one meager blog post. Go! Its wonderful whimsy you’ll find there.
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2 Responses to Pukashell Creative Designs

  1. Lewis

    So, I will be honest with you. I read your blog (through Google Reader) and I see a lot of cupcake items pass by. I see SO MANY cupcake items pass by that I thought about you the other day while I was at Linen-N-Things. They had Cupcake Bath salts or something like that. It was some type of thing that you put in our bath water that was shaped like a cupcake. All I could think of was “where is my camera when I need it!”
    So that is my “Allthingscupcake” story of the day :)

  2. April - Designer

    Thank you Maggie Ann for your sweetest of comments about my Etsy store! I get tickled cupcake pink when I read happy comments about my handiwork. Can’t tell you how much appreciate the shout out! –
    Pukashell Creative Designs

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