A Bed of Cupcakes

By on December 8th, 2007 . Filed under: Home Decor .

Forget the bed of roses, a bed of cupcakes is way more exciting! Stay warm this winter with this delicious cupcake bedding collection from Target. Right now, if you order from the site you get free shipping it looks like. Also in the collection, you can find this adorable cupcake plush pillow:

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3 Responses to A Bed of Cupcakes

  1. slush

    Adorable! Again, wishing I didnt have all boys…

  2. mamafabun

    Holy moley. Like I need another reason to spend money at Target. =)

  3. Merriweather

    Oh my gosh! They are sold out. If anyone bought this cupcake pillow when they were still available and never used it, I would be VERY interested in buying it from you. email me at: sarahcat @ 48ovvi.org

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