Cupcake Cupcake Cups!

By on December 7th, 2007 . Filed under: Kitchen .

Boy that’s a mouthful… Wilton has created these darling cupcake covered paper liners which can be used for candy, nuts, or our personal favorite, well ummm…. you know.

They’re called the Cupcake Heaven Baking Cups and they’re only 1.99 at! I also found them in person at Michaels for the same price.

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2 Responses to Cupcake Cupcake Cups!

  1. myrissa wise

    there is a store right next to bens shop called the sugar shop and it sells these, we had them for kylies 2nd birthday party and it came with like a million in the pack. i’m still using them for cupcakes and muffins

  2. Cakespy

    No way! It’s like a mirror reflected in a mirror. My brain hurts thinking about this! But in a good way.

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