Scented Cupcake Jewelery

By on December 6th, 2007 . Filed under: Jewelry .

I came across the world of Tiny Cravings today. This wonderful site sells very cute, handmade, scented cupcake jewellery!

They do various designs, even ones which aren’t cupcakes, but if you’re really particular about what you’d like, you can create your own custom cupcake necklaces & earrings. I think they’d be perfect for any type of present!!

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5 Responses to Scented Cupcake Jewelery

  1. angel

    too too beautiful!

  2. ummmhello

    This is the greatest site ever!

  3. tiny cravings

    You’re too sweet for featuring me! Thanks so much. =) -Jeanine

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  5. Twila Cusic

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