PMS Cupcakes

By on November 19th, 2007 . Filed under: Mail Order .

Yes, Etsy is my absolute favorite virtual handmade market place evah! A person can find almost anything there and is sure to be delighted with every purchase.

Fat Daddy Bake Shop is just such a store on Etsy. Forget a woman becoming President, this woman could rule the world with her cupcakes, I’m serious!

She has great flavors to pick from like PMS Chocolate Overload (pictured), Plain Jane in a Party Dress, Cookoo for Coconut, Bare Naked Lemon Lime (BNLL) and Red Velvet Revolution to name just a few. And if you don’t like what she is offering, well then she let’s you custom order.

Pretty sweet!

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  1. trouble

    That Red Velvet Revolution looks divine!!

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