Green Tea Cupcakes with Tapioca Filling

By on November 19th, 2007 . Filed under: Recipes .

Today, I ventured out and bought the things to make Green Tea Cupcakes. I made my own version of the recipe that the Cupcake Bakeshop had posted. Instead of making my own tapioca filling, I used tapioca pudding and it was delish. I used her green tea cream cheese frosting, but it ended up being really runny (a mistake I made by adding too much water to the green tea powder) so I resorted to the premade vanilla frosting I had and it turned out great. Yum! I filled the cupcakes with the tapioca pudding, and then topped the cupcake off with a flower. It was a lot of fun.

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3 Responses to Green Tea Cupcakes with Tapioca Filling

  1. Cakespy

    I’m an absolute sucker for anything green tea related. Mmm.

    BTW, guess who’s on my link / blog list…you!

    xoxo Cakespy

  2. Maggie Ann.

    mmmm. jess, those look divine! i can’t wait until i have time to try out some of these delicious recipes.

  3. Carrie

    yummy, save me one… I might just show up one day! Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be funny… I would bring my own milk & napkins :)

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